Living Wakes & Life Celebrations

Living Wakes and Life Celebration is a ceremony for anyone who wants to formally be a part of their life celebration with their friends and family.

It is often only when a person has passed and their loved-ones gather together to celebrate their life, that all their accomplishments, who they are, what they stood for are aired in a public forum. The only thing is that the person we are talking about is actually deceased and cannot hear what is being said. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to be privy to what is being said about you?

Living Wakes and Life Celebration gives a person the chance to be involved and have a say in their own celebration that they get to attend whilst alive. It can be a beautiful experience to share stories that makes everyone laugh and cry as they reminisce about the years.

Living Wakes and Life Celebration is not for everybody, but these ceremonies are becoming more popular with people who are reaching the end of their lives and realise the beauty in coming together and showing a loved one just what they mean whilst they are still with us.

This is also a step that can help everyone prepare for the end of ones journey in life.

Tailored Ceremonies

I will tailor a ceremony that will meet your needs and do your life justice. You will be celebrated in a way that suits your personality, allowing your nearest and dearest to remember you as they’ve known you throughout this life. I will work with you and go through everything in detail to ensure that you are happy and comfortable with everything

You can have a big lavish celebration or a private and intimate one – it is your choice. Whatever you require, I will ensure it reflects your wishes and your life’s story.

You can even plan your funeral ceremony whilst you are doing the Life Celebration ceremony. I can develop a funeral that meets your exact wishes. You will no longer be here, so why not make sure that everything is in place to ensure your funeral is done exactly how you want it to be done. It will remove the added responsibility from your family at such a difficult time and allow them to be able to pay tribute to you without any additional stress.

I looks forward to working with you to develop your Wake & Life Celebration ceremony which will bring everyone together at such a special and important time in your life.

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