Tailor-Made Wedding Ceremonies

Tailor Made Weddings GeelongPersonally, I feel that your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. It’s where the legalities are completed. I go above and beyond, paying attention to every detail so to ensure your ceremony goes exactly how you want it to go and at the end of it you will be legally married.

I will sit with you and get to know you as a couple, ensuring the ceremony is perfect for you both. I write quality ceremonies to celebrate your relationship, using the words you want to express your love for one another. We can balance the formal with the informal; add a touch of tradition whilst being creative and reflect your style and personalities. A tailor-made ceremony means that this is all about you. Once we factor in the legal aspects of your ceremony, the rest of your ceremony script is up to your creativity. I will help you make your ceremony meaningful, relaxed, relevant, inclusive, authentic, memorable and most of all FUN!

Having a great script is only half of the job. I am an experienced public speaker, which along with my vibrant personality, guarantees that I will engage all your guests.

You will receive a login to my website to access my ‘Resources for Couples’. You will see a wealth of useful information. You can gather ideas, or become inspired by the hints and tips I can offer you for your big day.

I will look after all the legalities, registrations and marriage certificates.

On the day of your ceremony I will ensure that everything runs according to plan allowing you to enjoy and celebrate your special day without worry.


Kiss Me Quick Wedding Ceremonies

Kiss me quick weddings GeelongFor some couples, all they require is a quick, easy, stress free way to get married. A Kiss me Quick ceremony is designed to be straightforward and hassle free, yet a meaningful and memorable ceremony.

This ceremony is ideal for couples who want an intimate wedding or for those who want a registry style wedding in a location of your choice. Perfect for those couples who have already been married and don’t want the fuss this time around, those visiting Melbourne or the Geelong Area and for those that simply want the legalities done. Even though this process is much quicker, I will ensure that your needs are meet and you get the ceremony of your dreams in a style that is right for you.

There is no need for lengthy planning meetings and rehearsals, just a quick catch up a month or 2 before your wedding to say hi and take care of the pre-marriage legal requirements. Great for busy couples or those who just want to “kiss me quick”. I will prepare all of your legal paperwork for you, register your marriage and issue you with a Marriage Certificate at the end of the ceremony. If you need the registry issued certificate to change your name or for visa purposes, I can assist you to order one also.


Same Sex Wedding Ceremonies

Gay wedding celebrant GeelongWith the announcement of Marriage Equality in Australia in late 2017, 2018 will be a year of love and celebration for many same sex couples who can now finally and legally be married here in Australia. The law has been amended to stipulate that marriage is between two people rather than a man and a woman. Now that same-sex couples are allowed to legally marry and publicly declare their love for each other, I would really love to marry you!

Love is Love. Love doesn’t take notice of your ability, age, culture, gender, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual identity. Neither do I. Whoever you are and whoever you love, I would be honoured to work with you to make your wedding day the most amazing day of your life.

I can create and develop a fun and unforgettable experience for you.

I was amongst the many that actively campaigned for Marriage Equality, under the Geelong Marriage Equality Flag, and appeared in the media to discuss the injustice.

It’s been an unfair and unnecessary long wait for Marriage Equality to become law. So let’s get your wedding planning started.


Wedding Vow Renewals

A wedding ceremony is making a public declaration and promise to commit to another person in marriage before a registered marriage celebrant. A renewal of vows ceremony can incorporate the joy and excitement of a wedding ceremony; however, it is usually a more relaxed celebration of your lasting love and commitment to one another.

A renewal of vows ceremony celebrates your achievement of being in a successful marriage. Having already satisfied all the legal and social requirements of a marriage, reaffirming your promises to one another is something you can do merely because you want to. It is a chance to look back at your journey, but to also look ahead at what is yet to come.

You can have a renewal ceremony whenever you want. Some couples have a renewal of vows on important anniversaries, i.e. 10th, 25th & 50th. But that is up to you. There are no rules, other than announcing to your guests that this is a renewal of vows as you have already been legally married and the rest is up to your imagination. However you chose to recommit and celebrate your love is a matter for you as a couple and I will work with you to ensure you have the renewal ceremony that represents you both.


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