Is a divorce such a bad thing?

by | Mar 27, 2018

I often use the following phrase, which describes my thoughts on transparency in a few words, “Imma say it as I feel it”.

I was called to do a Divorce Celebration Ceremony and initially I was shocked. I am not sure if it’s because of my culture or background, but divorce was very taboo when I was growing up. Before a couple would openly separate in my culture and get divorced they would rather stay in the same house, albeit in separate beds and worst-case scenario in separate rooms.

However, I was approached by a couple who had recently been through a divorce and wanted to bring their family together to celebrate the fact that they had the chance to experience true love but had since decided to go their separate ways. Initially I was startled…. But this couple had enough love to get through this difficult period and still show love to each other in their own unique way.

The couple stated that even though they were divorced they wanted to be great examples to their children and show them that they would co-parent in love. The celebration removed the awkwardness and allowed the couple to declare that even though the marriage has ended, they will continue to love each other and support their children together.

Divorces are never easy, are can be done harmoniously when they are done from a place of love and concern.

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