In Loving Memory…

by | Dec 29, 2018

When we come together to Celebrate the Life of a loved one it is NEVER easy.  To condense an entire life into a 45-minute ceremony is next to impossible, given the range of experiences and emotions that we attach to the loss of a loved one.  We often cry, laugh and question our own mortality as we wonder what really happens to our loved one laying in the coffin.  Let’s face it, death and the funeral service is very confronting and for lots of us it’s difficult; and that’s perfectly understandable.

Yesterday’s Celebration of Life for Gail Lorraine Taylor……


Yesterday family and friends gathered to celebrate Gail Taylor, a person who was well loved and respected.  Whilst the family and friends were visibly sad, it was clear they were there to celebrate a person who loved her children David, Steve & Kayla, Shaun & Rita her son & daughter-in-law, her two grandchildren Lucas & Thomas, and all other extended family and friends.  Not to mention her 12-year-old cat Socks & her Foxy cross Jack Russel Sparky who died a few months ago at the age of 17.

This ceremony was unique.  Prior to Gail’s death she was interviewed and the Eulogy that was delivered had her very own experiences and thoughts captured from her own point of view, in addition to some personal memories from her children, grandchildren, family and friends.  As you can imagine everyone was moved when they heard her exact words read out as if she stood up and said it herself; “My kids are the most precious thing for me.  I don’t want to leave them, but I have to”.

Everyone spoke of Gail’s tenacity and the fact that she never played the victim.  Gail used her obstacles and challenges as a stepping stone and a reason to be more thoughtful, loving, caring & giving to everyone around her!

At the end of the service, Gail, and all that she stood for and the life she had lived received a standing ovation.  Most people said that they had never seen this done before, but it was befitting for the person who we were there to celebrate.

There are different types of grief and we all grieve in different ways.  When it comes to celebrating the life of your loved ones, do it in a way that honours the person who has died and in a way that works for you, their loved ones and friends.

Gone are the days when we had to stick to the rigid traditions and formalities.  Today, we celebrate the person and what they would have loved.

In Loving Memory of Gail Lorraine Taylor

1957 – 2018

“I’m a Virgo, so I like things in their place.  I’m persistent, so when I start something, I will finish it”

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