Life Transition Celebrations

A ceremony of any description takes on different meanings for different people. It is not always used to celebrate the beginning or the end. Ceremonies can symbolise the end to what one would have once deemed as no longer having relevance or importance, and moving past that obstacle to transition in life. A ceremony gives way to drawing a line in the sand and celebrates the beauty of a journey that most of us travel at one point or another in our lifetime.

I will work alongside you to create and develop a ceremony that represents the momentous events in your life. As a Life Celebrant, I can assist with ceremonies that celebrate gender diverse milestones, healing from sexual abuse, alcohol and drug recovery, adopting a child, recovery from a serious illness, divorce celebrations and significant birthdays.

You may not see the relevance or importance of celebrating the transitions in life, but for many people, this kind of celebration is a fundamental step. It can become part of the healing process. A moment of surrender. A moment of acceptance. Or simply an occasion to celebrate who they are, and the wonderful diversity of life.


Gender Diverse Milestones

A Gender diversity celebration is a chance to take the power back. We understand that many Transgender people have experienced stigma and have been made to feel a myriad of emotions. Together, we can create a ceremony that best suits how to celebrate that you are who you are and you have decided to live your life. This also gives your friends and loved ones a chance to openly come to terms with this amazing transition, whilst celebrating your freedom and happiness.


Overcoming Sexual Abuse

For many who have suffered sexual abuse, the guilt and pain has stayed with them. The lingering questioning of, ‘what did I do to deserve this?’ or thinking “it’s my fault”. Creating a ceremony is a way of celebrating the end of this cycle of thinking. It allows the past to be left in the past and the present to be celebrated. It provides a unique way to creating a safe space for your very close family and friends to celebrate the fact that you have overcome and will continue to heal and grow into your future. I will work with you to create a personal and sensitive ceremony to celebrate YOU!


Alcohol and Drug Recovery

Getting over any addiction is never easy, the mere fact that you are now thinking about celebrating your recovery displays the progress you have made. Many people judge those who have faced addiction, but being free from something that once held you captive is a very proud moment. Celebrating your recovery gives your family and friends a chance to memorialise your progress and for you to reflect on your journey and be able to share YOUR story!


Adopting a Child

A new addition to your family is a moment to commemorate. This is a major transition in any family and a ceremony will bring your family and friends together to make the new member feel welcome. I will work with you to make sure this day is unforgettable for everyone.


Recovery from a Serious Illness

When you have spent months or even years suffering from a severe illness, a ceremony is a way to welcome you home and celebrate the transition from illness to better health. Whether it’s coming out of hospital to rehabilitation or from hospital back to your own home, I can help you to create a meaningful and personal ceremony to celebrate you and the progress you have made.


Divorce Celebrations

Getting a divorce was once such a taboo thing, however, many people are now celebrating their divorce. Celebrating a divorce is symbolic of moving forward past the issues of the past. If there are children involved, it is a perfect way to let them see that you will still co-parent even though you cannot live together any more. This ceremony will also decrease the chance of feeling very awkward when it comes to your ex. Finally, it’s a ceremony that can facilitate everything being laid to rest and marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life.


Significant Birthdays

A birthday is a perfect time to celebrate with family and friends. What makes it extra special is when it’s your 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th etc. I will help you to create a vibrant ceremony that displays your personality. It’s not every day that we turn 21 or 30 etc. so it should be celebrated with the people you love the most.


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